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Thu, Jul 23, 2020 11:00 AM

MLB Extra Innings Availability for TiVO Customers with Cable Cards

I was told earlier today by Xfinity/Comcast that MLB Extra Innings will no longer be available to any cable card customers; you must have a setup top box from Xfinity to get the MLB package.

This seems crazy to me as I have been a MLB Extra Innings subscriber for over 10 years and had no issues getting the MLB channels (771 to 784) on my cable cards.

Anyone else experiencing this bizzare issue?  Does Xfinity/Comcast plan to fix this in the near future (possibly getting new cable cards for our TiVO boxes)? 



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10 m ago

Probably means they are going to IP channels for those, only available on X1 boxes. Don’t look for any improvements working with TiVo or develop a different cable card

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9 m ago

I'm in San Jose, CA, and I was told the same thing today by a Comcast support person - MLB Extra Innings is no longer available on Tivo.   I've also noticed that a bunch of channels that have been added or moved since the beginning of the year (mostly ones I don't care about) are also not accessible on my Tivo.  When a Comcast guy was at my house a month ago to fix an internet problem, he saw my Tivo & said I was lucky that Comcast still supported Cable Card.   It's pretty clear that Comcast is doing all that they can to kill Cable Card & Tivo. 

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