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Sat, Apr 11, 2020 3:00 PM


Missing CNN still, what is my status?

Hi Xfinity


I recently moved to Homestead, FL from Philadelphia. I am grateful for being able to sign up for service in my new apartment address from Xfinity under the performance plan option for TV and Internet. While I was able to correct an issue of certain channels I wasn't getting via missing subscriptions I am still unable to tune in to channel 423 in my home for CNN news which I used to enjoy watching. My last discussion was with Ashley with the help of my son Alex in which I was told CNN was part of the entertainment package as the channel Caracol was part of the Latino addons, both of which I agreed and signed into. However while I can get CNN in spanish I still for some reason cannot get the standard US edition of the channel into my lineup. It is starting to upset me as well as the website is still down for Florida users to preview and adjust channel plans as needed during this pandemic. While not trying to sound unreasonable I would have thought this would have been resolved by now since the representative named Ashley after adding those channel packages told me she would send a trouble ticket escalation. Its been days and no results yet? Can someone please tell me whats going on??? CNN is the only channel I am missing and need. Thanks for reading and I hope a company representative and review and respond to this post. 


- Juan Navarro


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