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Mon, Aug 24, 2020 11:00 AM

Local NBC & CBS & Fox Channels Gone & Replaced by Local Affiliates from Different City

Local CBS affiliate WTHI and local NBC affiliate WTWO, along with ABC affiliate WAWV and Fox on a subchannel, all based in Terre Haute, Indiana, were removed in the past few days and replaced with ABC/CBS/NBC/Fox affiliates based in Indianapolis.


The first Comcast tech I spoke with on the phone seemed to verify that I should have the missing channels in my lineup and attempted to fix it.  She failed and escalated it.  The second person who I spoke with told me the channels are, in fact, gone and the only way we can watch those local channels which have been carried by Comcast and its predecessors for decades is OTA or switch our TV service to a satellite service which might carry them.


I find this news incredible.  I called WTHI and their general manager reported they they could not have any knowledge which cable or satellite services carry their channel.


I checked the last four months bills at the end which is where programming and other changes are communicated to customers, I understand and I cannot find anywhere, in writing, that these changes are real and permanent and that this isn't a technical problem.


Can someone confirm that these channels being replaced by the Indianapolis channels is a deliberate act by Comcast?  The escalated tech support guy could only tell me the channels do not exist.  He could not tell me why or find anything anywhere documenting the change.  Are changes to customers' channel lineup supposed to appear in writing somewhere so when the changes actually happen we can know that it's not due to a technical problem?  Thanks.




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8 m ago

So, it's been, what, an hour?  Maybe two hours.  The missing/gone channels are all back now.


How does this happen?  The escalated tech support guy, Don, told me the only way for us to get those channels was to use an antenna or maybe a satelllite service.


I can't believe the incompetence.  Are local channels not really important to anyone but us?  I don't watch them but I manage my elderly mother's tech stuff and she'd been watching these local channels for over 50 years.  People get attached to local newscasters and weather people who have been local for decades.


Most of the time from Comast I get answers that are uncertain and vague and if the guy had just introduced some degree of doubt as to these local channels being definitely, for real, purposely replaced, then I would have just waited around for one of those mystery know, how sometimes issues go away as mysteriously as they came.  But, no, he told me to seek alternative options and I was getting ready to start calling DirecTV and Dish....wasn't that foolish.

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