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Sat, Oct 10, 2020 7:00 AM

"It's Academic" blacked-out... again

"It's Academic" is a locally originated program from Baltimore station WJZ. In the Ocean City-Salisbury, Maryland service area, you are blacking out this program, claiming that it is a legal blackout and that the program can be seen on local CBS affiliate WBOC.


FALSE. We went through this nonsense several years ago, and after years of complaining you finally agreed that:

  1. "It's Academic" is NOT a CBS program
  2. "It's Academic" NEVER HAS BEEN aired on WBOC
  3. This is an illegal abuse of federal blackout rules
  4. "It's Academic" would air in this market without the blackout.

I just tuned in to see the premiere of the new season, and find that you ARE BLACKING IT OUT AGAIN WITH THE SAME FALSE EXCUSES. We have local schools competing on this program, and you are DENYING US THE RIGHT TO SEE THESE LOCAL STUDENTS COMPETE.


Get your heads out of your arses again. This is NOT a CBS network program. It is NOT available on local CBS affiliate WBOC. We have a right to see our kids and our neighbors' kids compete on this show. We shouldn't have to keep lambasting you about this nonsense to get you to see reason.


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