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Sun, Aug 23, 2020 6:00 AM


ION Plus

I am in Seekonk, MA. ION Plus is advertised on channel 13. We can see the advertised shows on the TV set with the cable box attached to it. However; on any streaming device (ROKU, IPhone, ipad, etc), you get infomercials - 24x7. After multiple calls, a tier 4 technical agent summized that it must be that ION will not pay for streaming.


Now, the good part, when we set our DVR to record the shows; the DVR records infomercials - 24x7. Even when recorded from the cable box and viewed on the cable box. The tier 4 technical agent was stumped and indicated he would have to go to engineering.  


This definitely appears to be a back end engineering issue but all I am now getting is - crickets. 

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