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Wed, Feb 17, 2021 6:00 PM

If you record Fox's Sunday night shows...

If you have an automatic recording set up for any of Fox's Sunday shows, including the new one (Cherries Wild), note that the 2/21 episodes aren't set to record. This is because the X1 thinks the episodes aired on 2/14, so it won't "record the same episode twice." You have to go into the Guide, select the show(s) you want to record on 2/21, and request a single-episode recording; when asked whether you want settings for "just this episode" or "all episodes," select "just this episode" (otherwise, it will adjust the repeated recordings, but still think it has already recorded that particular episode).



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2 m ago

Thanks @ThatDonGuy and @andyross for the heads-up. I would have missed my shows without your posts!


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2 m ago

Looks like this wasn't necessary. I was home, so canceled the manually set recordings. A few minutes later, they reset as scheduled recordings and I had to cancel them again!

I noticed that none of them had the Cast and Crew info. I wonder if they tweaked the episode ID code to force the reschedule, but it didn't match up with the ID used for the extra info.

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