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Fri, Jul 10, 2020 8:00 PM

Hallmark Movies and Mystereis

We are in El Dorado Hills, CA and we are having a problem with this one particular channel.  No one believes me and can't believe how everyone just follows a flow chart and can't deviate from it.


I have seriously tried for two days to get someone to pay attention to me.  The station Hallmark Movies and Mysteries is out of sync.  You can see the picture, and you hear the voice but, because it is out of sync the picture is scrambled.  I do not want to go through and troubleshoot my equipment.  Please just look at the station and you will see there is a problem.
Your training is pitiful because every time I get a live person if I get a live person they walk me through this troubleshooting guide.  I promise it is not a hardware or software problem on my side.  I can't believe this I am the only person who has complained about this, or perhaps I am because it is so difficult to get to a competent person.
Joel Yang


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