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Mon, Aug 17, 2020 10:00 AM

Hallmark channels all lost audio. RESOLVED.

The audio is now working on Hallmark and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. The Hallmark Drama issue persists.


This morning I noticed a new channel - Hallmark Drama - so I channeled to it and got the following:
"Unfortunately, this TV Box can't play this program. This equipment is not able to deliver this program. It may be available on another TV box in your home, or through the Xfinity Stream App. Send Link to App Close"


I don't have another box that works. Fine. But, OH NO, now I don't have the sound on Hallmark or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Strangely, I have the picture stream part of the signal. What's up? I have both video and audio on the other stations.


Channels added to lineup like POP won't play on our oldest cable box which is not X1 but this is the first time something would not play on our main TVs which use X1 boxes (pre-voice input). And it is the first time the addition of a channel broke the audio on other channels.


I don't think Comcast should be disabling old people's TV channels during COVID when the old person shouldn't be having to make way to a XFinity store or pay for a visit expecially when people refuse to wear masks or distance themselves. Just restore the audio on the Hallmark feeds, please.


Is there any way to fix this or is this a permanent problem?


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