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Mon, Jan 11, 2021 8:00 AM

Hallmark Channel Problems

We keep getting a message saying channel 830 (Hallmark) is unavailable and there is a problem on the Xfinity end. This message has been up for at least a month, coming and going. I've already had Xfinity "refresh" my service, and I've exchanged my X1 box. None of the traditional cable boxes in the home have this issue, only the X1 box. I have chatted, visited, called and exchanged. If this is truly an Xfinity issue, then what is going on and when will it be resolved? 



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5 m ago

Channels come in on different frequencies, something is impeding the frequency that Hallmark comes in on and may be others you don’t watch or get. You’ve already done the other recommended troubleshooting steps, now you need a tech out to troubleshoot further

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