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Tuesday, November 8th, 2022 11:25 PM

Guide/TV Listings SLOW and gets stuck

Guide/TV Listings SLOW and gets stuck requiring a Cable box reboot.  In addition, during TV shows, occasionally get screen distortions.  What do I do to fix?


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3 months ago

Hello @user_stapollo. Resetting the box all the time would definitely get annoying. We would be happy to help. Let's take a closer look at the specific box that is experiencing the issue. 

Could you please send our team a direct message with your full name and full address?
To send a "Direct Message" to Xfinity Support:
Click "Sign In" if necessary
Click the "Direct Messaging" icon
Click the "New message" (pencil and paper) icon
The "To:" line prompts you to "Type the name of a person". Instead, type "Xfinity Support" there
 - As you are typing a drop-down list appears. Select "Xfinity Support" from that list
 - An "Xfinity Support" graphic replaces the "To:" line
Type your message in the text area near the bottom of the window
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