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Mon, Dec 28, 2020 5:00 PM

Fox Sports Southeast (Memphis Grizzlies) in Little Rock?

I'm trying to watch Memphis Grizzlies.  I'm blacked out from NBATV and now evidently I can't access Fox Sports Southeast?  I tried looking for a package to add to my Xfinity so I can watch FSSE, but it does not show up on any search and I could find no apparent way to add this channel!  Is Fox Sports Southeast unavailable in the Little Rock area?  If so, why are we blacked out from watching the game?  If I'm in Litte Rock, AR, and want to watch the Memphis Grizzlies, what options do I have?  



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7 m ago

Little Rock receives Fox Sports Southwest, not Fox Sports Southeast. However, this is a specialized feed for cable in Arkansas.


Without seeing your local guide information, I can't confirm what is on channels 1250, 1251 and 1255 other than what Comcast shows on their channel guide. It does call 1251 the Arkansas specific feed. Channel 1250 lists Dallas with Rangers, so it will likely show the Mavericks in your area now.


For the NBA, you are in-market for the Grizzlies, Oklahoma City Thunder and Dallas Mavericks. You could receive any or all of these, but likely won't get all 3 without DirecTV.


There are likely rules of how conflicts are handled (if the Mavericks and Grizzlies are on at the same time), and it may be possible some, but not all Grizzlies games air in your area.


Check 1251 though. 1255 may be an overflow where they show up in the case of a conflict. You should be able to get them through the Digital Starter tier of service in your area, and not need any more excessive package to get whatever regional sports network content offered in your area.



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