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Sat, Jun 12, 2021 12:09 AM

Fox Nation (Tucker Carlson Today)

After signing up with Fox Nation through my X1 box, when I use my TV and go to Fox Nation and then select the show "Tucker Carlson Today" there are only 22 episodes and it never updates to the latest episode. It has been like this for weeks. On my computer via a browser, if I go to Fox Nation and log in, I can see all of the episodes. Why does the TV not update to the latest episodes?

Other shows do the same thing. It is as if the TV is not updating. It also doesn't show any upcoming episodes on any of the Fox Nation shows. I have spoken over the phone with the help desk and they ran through a bunch of resets and then told me to trade my box in at the nearest store. I did that and still have the same problem.

Please help.


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