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Sun, Oct 18, 2020 7:00 PM

FLEX and CBS All Access

I understand that at this time in order to watch CBS all access you need a Flex box. Thats fine but when you have a X1 you need another input for the Flex box. Then you need to switch inputs and the voice remote is of little use. Its an additional $5.00 monthly charge plus the cost of the programing. This has been a sticking point for many people and I do understand its only a guess as to when the X1 box will have the app. Talking with customer service about this issue they don't know also. They did say the calls they get quite often is about this issue. I should hope someone from Comcast reads these questions and will attempt to put some information out as to the updated status rather than "comming soon".


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7 m ago

Good luck in getting anything more than "coming soon" and then the thread being locked. They seem touchy on this subject. 

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