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Favorite Channel Guide Starts At Top Of List

I only use the Favorites Channel Guide. If I want to "channel surf" while watching a program I press the "Guide" button to access my Favorite Channels. Each time I do this the guide starts with the first (top) channel on the list instead of at the channel I am watching. If you have already scrolled through the list to reach the channel you are watching and want to continue "surfing" from there you still have to go to the beginning and start over again. Is there a setting that will let me start guide display at the channel I am watching at the moment? Thanks.

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user_y5skdr, Hi there! We appreciate you for spending your time to contact XFINITY over our forums page for help with setting up the favorites channel guide to display the channel you are watching. As a video subscriber myself, I understand the importance of being able to filter your channel guide. We can help. For filtering your X1 on-screen guide, here is a really helpful link to more details to display only the type of channels you would like to see. Please let me know if this helps.


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