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Wed, Dec 1, 2021 2:47 AM

Extremely REPETITIVE local car dealer yelling ad

The Carlock Toyota ad dealer is a yeller & he  just yelled his car ad AGAIN!! That's at least 7 times in 20 minutes of 30 min. PAWN STARS program!!!

beyond annoying & ridiculous!!! Pawn Stars is a 30 min program interrupted by a crazy screamer!! 

explain to me why I'm paying for cable, thus a very fav program, so I hear a crazy ridiculous car dealer hawking his cars over & over & over .... in a 30 min program!?!?!  That's GARBAGE!!!

what would I be paying for an ad that ran 8 or more times on a 30 min segment of a popular tv program???





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2 m ago

@user_aa9a1b Comcast has nothing to do with that commercial; they only transmit to you what is given to them for you locally.  Complain to the dealership or call the local station and find out who the advertising company is that made the commercial.  There's nothing that Comcast can do to help you.


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@Again, it was on Pawn Stars, which I think is on History Channel, so the ad time was sold by Comcast, not any local station.


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2 m ago

"... it was on Pawn Stars, which I think is on History Channel ..."

Pawn Stars has been syndicated, so it runs on local stations (and maybe other networks?) as well as History, so the commercials may have been inserted by Comcast's "Effectv" (formerly Spotlight), or by the station.

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