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Wed, Apr 21, 2021 5:57 PM

DVR Service for $10 more per month?

We received an e-mail and snail-mail from Xfinity this week claiming that we've been receiving DVR services we're not entitled to. The message read in part:

"We’re reaching out to let you know that we recently discovered an error where we have been inaccurately allowing more DVR recording storage than what is included with your current Xfinity TV service. Starting May 25, we’ll be correcting this error on our end and you’ll notice some changes when it comes to your DVR service."

The message went on to say that for $10 more per month we can keep our existing service. Not wanting to lose those services, I clicked on the link in the e-mail which took me to my Xfinity account login page. After logging in, there was no information regarding the DVR service error that was the subject of the e-mail. In fact, my account page wouldn't display any details of my current plan; the only option offered was the recommendation that I contact Xfinity directly.

To make a long story short, it took me 3 hours of dysfunctional online chats and telephone calls to add the $10 fee to our next billing cycle so we could keep our existing DVR service (during one interminable chat the agent talked about "packages" and "boxes" and insisted that DVR service would in fact be $20 more per month while offering to cut back on other services to lower that fee; I explained to them that's called "bait & switch" and no thanks.)

Again, this problem was aggravated by Xfinity's website's inability to display my current service plan. Call Xfinity and I got an automated telephone system that insisted my issue could be resolved online, and that I should watch a video about my bill. The automated phone system connected me with a live agent only after my calling back and agreeing that I had "watched the video."

Now for the larger issue: Characterizing an unscheduled fee increase as being a "correction" to services delivered that we weren't entitled to is lame and off-putting; way to be cynical, Xfinity. I guess we should be grateful that Xfinity isn't trying to collect retroactively on those services, right? Yes, I'm annoyed.


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