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Thu, Jan 13, 2022 10:29 PM

dvr deleting programs

I want to know why after 5 times I have had movies deleted from the dvr with it less than 50% full and the movies set to keep until space needed.  So far tech support was able to put back some of the movies after becoming nasty and going up the chain of command. Why is it no one is willing to call back when promised or give updates as to the progress of correcting the problem. I am ready to contact the FCC and a lawyer for a class action suit for the time and stress I have had to endure listening to people at tech support explain every reason why it must be my fault. I have had people hang up on me, expect me to repeat the same information over and over as if it would make a difference.


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4 m ago

Hello, @user_af8a56. I am sorry to hear that the movies are being deleted and understand feeling frustrated by that. My husband is on TV from time to time and I keep the recordings to share with family. I know some recordings can't be replaced. We are the right place for help. We are able to stay with you over time to ensure an issue is fully resolved and we are not a live chat so you don't have to start over. We are able to pick up where we left off. How long has this issue been occurring? Are the same programs being deleted or does it seem to be random?

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