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Detroit Tiger Baseball Games

I am 85 years old.  I have been a customer of Comcast/Xfinity for at least 25 years.  I got my first PC back in the late 1990's.  At that time I signed on to Comcast for my service and their email.  That has never changed.  In the beginning I used the computer, but the account was in the name of [Edited: "Personal Information"].  He passed away in 2008.  I moved and put the account in my name.

I love watching the Detroit Tigers on cable TV.  I am a big fan.  I understand the financial situation between Xfinity and Bally Sports.  But I have these questions:

1)     Is Xfinity still negotiating with Bally Sports?

2)     If not, are you negotiating with any other partner to broadcast these games?

3)     Will we be able to watch the Tigers on cable TV this season?  If so, when?

4)     When will you communicate with your customers the above plan?

5)     If none of the above, do you want us loyal customers to go to another service for our Internet and TV?

I would appreciate and expect a response to the above.  Thank You.

Nancy [Edited: Personal Information]

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1 month ago

Thank you for your post! Unfortunately, we do not have any additional information on the negotiations with Diamond Sports Group. You can find the most up-to-date information here: https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/bally-sports-agreement-expired. We hope to get a deal done soon as we know how important these games are, especially as we near the All-Star Break.

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1 month ago

While I don't work for Xfinity, I should be able to make some educated guesses as to your questions based on how things like this have worked in the past.

1. Neither Xfinity nor Bally will ever comment on ongoing negotiations. I think it's because neither side wants to give too much information to the other.

2. How can it? Bally Sports has exclusive rights to the games that it has. This is one reason you can't watch the Tigers on MLB Extra Innings anywhere near Detroit.

3. Nobody can give you anything close to an accurate answer. Ask anybody who remembers the initial negotiations with the ACC Network how long that took. Also ask anybody in Colorado when they think they will be able to watch Nuggets and Avalanche games again (how many years have they been off of Xfinity, and remember that both have won titles recently?).

4. Based on the past negotiations: both sides will "communicate" once a deal has been reached - and neither side will say anything other than "we made what we feel is a reasonable deal; they're the ones not willing to accept" until then.

5. Honestly? I think the answer is, "Yes," at least for TV. It's a choice between how many (in your case) Tigers fans would go somewhere else and how many people who will never watch Bally Sports will get too tired of having to pay for it.

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@ThatDonGuy​ Great post here Don and you're right about all of it.  Xfinity has all the leverage so they will only bring back Tiger baseball on their terms , secondary tier pricing, or with the next RSN that gets the contract with the Tigers, Wings & Pistons. We are paying the $20 monthly for the Bally's app now on a Roku stick until Xfinity gets worked out but it won';t be with Diamond Sports unless their new branding partner Fan Duel demands it get done or we get the option on Amazon Prime come October for Wings and Pistons as NHL and NBA have issues with Diamond Sports coming out of bankruptcy as well and their July 29 court hearing will probably answer all these questions

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