Saturday, April 6th, 2024 10:46 PM

Confusion Regarding Paramount+ Access With An Xfinity Showtime Subscription

There is a lot of confusion caused by the wording on Xfinity X1 regarding Paramount+ and Showtime.


Even the Xfinity service reps don't know what's going on as I spent 45 minutes on the phone with a rep who assumed -- as did I -- that Xfinity Showtime subscribers SHOULD be receiving access to Paramount+ because we have Showtime through Xfinity.


Unlike with an HBO subscription through Xfinity which gets you automatic access to the Max app, a subscription to Showtime through Xfinity does NOT get you access to Paramount+.


However, the wording in the X1 interface VERY STRONGLY implies that it does.


Xfinity:  You need to clean up and clarify your language regarding this because right now it is as clear as mud.  Even your own Customer service reps don't know what is going on.


Get it together.  Make the language clear.  Stop being deceptive.


Thank you.

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2 months ago

I just called tonight because I tried to access the app thru the X1 box, couldn’t sign in and called customer support and we went all the way thru connecting with Paramount only to find out that Xfinity rep informed me that the Paramount Plus app is no longer part of my service even though my plan has “Paramount + with Showtime”. He stated $7 and some cents would start being discounted on my bill in the future because that app access has been removed. If there is n Paramount + from an app, what am I paying for?  Sounds like many others are having he same issue.  

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19 days ago

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