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Tue, Dec 1, 2020 2:00 PM

Comcast selected wrong timezone for my area

I live in Arizona where we do not change our clocks in spring and fall.  This used to cause stuff that was advertised as airing at "9pm - 8pm central" to air at 7pm during the winter. But a couple of years ago, they began adjusting the feed so that these prime time shows came on at 8pm.


This year, about a week or two before much of the country adjusted their clocks backward I saw programing that had been coming on at 8pm suddenly jump to 9pm.

Then the country changed their clocks and things that had been at 9pm now come on at 10pm.


So a 2 hour primetime show now runs from 10pm to midnight!

In addition, if anyone has children in the house who like shows on the cartoon network which is supposed to run childrens programming from 6am until 8pm, it now runs from 8am until 10pm. This means comcast has adult  swim which runs programming not meant for children running until 8am in the morning here..... probably not good.


I have lived here since 2010 and have not seen prime time programming shift to 10pm before this year . I think someone made an error and put us on an east coast feed instead of a west coast feed.

If this late time shift was done by design it was not thought out very well.


Please fix this error... or correct the not thought out well idea.... whichever... just fix it please.

In the past we have always had prime time programming at 8pm or 9pm..... NEVER 10pm.


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