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Fri, May 8, 2020 6:00 PM

Comcast is Terrible

Sick and tired of Comcast. Removed Cinemax. Removed Starz. Keep increasing fees for less. Customer service is terrible. I've been a customer for 15 years. Now I can't wait to get rid of Comcast.





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1 y ago

Yes it is I have been a with Comcast for ever. What are we paying for to watch the same junk over and over again. They took TCM from us. Now you have to pay for it. They took Starz from US and gave US EPIX. 4 out of the 6 of them show the same thing all the time.


I'm really thinking about dropping the TV and keep the internet & phone. That would be $110 + do a HULU package for about $115. Now I will cut my bill and get a lot more channels plus HBO, Showtime, Cimemax, & starz. That I don't have now.

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I hear you! One of the WORST experiences with support EVER!!!! I tried looking up the price of watching a fight tonight. Learned I have to subscribe to ESPN+ @ $70/yr. I next wanted to find out whether that includes fights (the only thing we watch are UFC fights). I tried chatting to get that info (twice) – that failed miserably - kept getting transferred because the 1st contact didn't know the answer - then I was disconnected (both times). I next tried calling for support. The automated system is the WORST I’ve ever had to deal with – and I deal with a lot of them in my field of work. When a customer can’t reach a representative in a timely manner, it’s incredibly aggravating! I couldn’t even connect with someone with tech support. I’d like to challenge a Comcast employee with trying to get a representative on the phone just to answer a question. Theirchatting system, call center system, and forums are C***! I'm sure they have no idea how many expletives I can think of for their system. In fact, I searched all 40 pages of the 'FAQs' in the 'channels' section and Comcast graciously gave me an hour of on hold time so I could quitely search for an answer. What a joke! I truly believe they're supplying this forum ONLY for customers to vent.

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