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Tue, May 19, 2020 9:00 PM

ComCast hikes fees while failing to replace channels taken away

Luckily I live in a very consumer protective state of California where our elected legislators can be consumer/voter persuaded to push for new legislation to prevent ComCast from applying the bait and switch game on us consumers.  It lures us with an overload of duplicate program channels, many showing same show reruns repetitiously often on same day, several hours, weekly and monthly.  From all the channel line up with a deceptive quantity of over 100, I only enjoy and find about 20 relevant to my tastes and interests, most which even an elderly relative sees for free from her city's local TV signal tower.  Most of the channels in my enhanced basic package is a sheer waste of my monthly increasing fees.  In the agreements we sign gives ComCast the right to hike fees with no assurance that it will replace dropped channels with other channels providing programs appealing to our tastes, not what is to their expedience. I am fed up being told to upgrade to the Premier plan just to pick up two or more channels which should be included in my current plan. I would be stuck paying even more to get even more channels which I do not want, never want and will never want. Imagine a retail store which forces conditional shopping policy wherein to buy what we want and need, we also have to pay and accept pounds of stuff we find unacceptable and unappealing - that is what ComCast does.  For every channel it drops, it should replace with another. Frankly, I think it is time for TV cable customers to assert themselves. Why pay more and get less? I do not care what ComCast considers is more profitably expedient for its shareholders. I am also fed up with its constant outages. I know for a fact that its biggest competitors do not have as many outages. I have been a customer for 10 years. But my TV viewing choices via ComCast is shrinking.


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