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Wed, Feb 19, 2020 9:00 AM

Channels removed

In the last 8 months, all my Cinemax and Starz channels have been removed from my Super Package.


Yet, I paid $180/month 8 months ago and still $180/month today.


Might be time to change to FIOs or some other option like maybe DIRECT-TV



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1 y ago

Search the web and you'll find it's getting bad with all cable/satellite companies. AT &T lost a million customers after raising Direct TV prices. Six channels  were removed. Dish lost channels in a dispute with Turner Broadcasting.  I've read articles lately that suggest the premium channels will become Ala Carte choices as they were years ago. FIOS lost 51,000 customers in the fourth quarter of last year. Cord cutting is taking its toll on the industry. My super triple play with Netflix is $169 a month but my bill balloons due to charges for other fees, added boxes, router rental, home security , etc.   My sister said she pays $60 a month for sling and she can watch live tv. Not sure how much her internet costs when not in a package. My feeling is that I'd be banging my head against the tv if I cut the cord. We record tons of local and cable programs watch on any tv plus our tablets, phones etc.  I've dealt with broken personal routers, buffering on Netflix, snow covered dishes during super bowl snow storms and more.  If you have other options look into them and change. I'm in a rural area and cable is all there is here. I've heard people cuss out Comcast and move to fios then have poor internet and video service and terrible repair service then return to Comcast quietly. I'm staying where I am and when I have a problem I call and ask. Sometimes I get a solution and sometimes I don't. Usually triple play works out a deal but Xfinity home won't budge on their prices after the initial period. I can see my security cameras from my tv in my bedroom. That's a big deal at 2 am  if something wakes you up. Figure out what it's worth to you then decide. Good luck. 

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