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Sat, Dec 21, 2019 5:00 PM

Channel Line Up For Sports & Entertainment Package

Can someone please provide me with the channel line up in my area for the Sports & Entertainment Package?  I am receiving it free for the time being as a promotion.  I called cust. service on 2 different days and, on both occasions listened to a computer voice telling me every office was closed.  Really Comcast, with the rates we're paying you can't answer the phone at night?  Not everybody gets home at 5 pm and online chatting is hit or miss.  When I finally got through to a person, she sent me an email which referred me to a website showing all the channels I receive with my subscription mixed together.


My parents would like to have TCM and Military History for the holidays, so I only want to know which channels they would get by adding the Sports/Entertainment Pkg.  I know some of the sports channels are included in the digital tier, but I can't sort through 200+ stations to figure out which ones they already have and which ones they don't (I DON'T watch a lot of sports).  The package is different in every part of the country.  I need the actual list, not a link to a website.  The zip code is 70364.  Thanks.

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