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Thursday, November 19th, 2020 3:00 AM


Channel Guide does not show "60 Minutes"at 7pm on Sunday, even though it plays.

For the past couple of weeks, the Channel Guide does not show"60 Minutes as playing at 7pm (ET) on Sunday's.  I'd set my DVR to record it at that time.  I called Comcast and was told that CBS gives priority to football and would broadcast the post-game show rather than broadcast "60 Minutes". The same Comcast employee told me I  could access CBS' 60 Minutes via the CBS App.  Even tough not in your listing, "60 Minutes" did play in the slot you had the post-game show listed.  But, I still am unable to set it up to be recorded to my DVR, since according to your guide, it does not exist.  This should be an easy fix.  So, please fix it!


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2 years ago

The problem is, if there's a game on your CBS station at 4:05 (I assume you live in the Eastern time zone), there's no way of knowing in advance just when the game will end and 60 Minutes starts. If they list 60 Minutes starting at 7, and it starts at, say, 7:10, then you will miss the last 10 minutes. This applies to the rest of the CBS Sunday schedule as well.


May I suggest a couple of workarounds?
1. Set up a series recording for the postgame show. Yes, you will have to switch from that show to the 60 Minutes recording when the scheduled postgame show ends, but you won't miss anything.

2. Alternatively, set up a series recording for the postgame show, and set it to end 1 hour later than scheduled.


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