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Fri, Sep 18, 2020 7:00 PM

Caution Be aware you will lose channels when you try to save money as a loyal customer

I have read about this before  and We have been cautioned by many on here  Comcast blames the cable network as being  greedy and  the cable network  blames  Comcast as being greedy the end result is we loose!!!


   My most recent loss  ( all to save  the same  $10 I had with the previous package but still keep the same Triple play   Starter  cable,  phone and internet)   was  TV Land  - No Longer Available-  gone it   really no big deal  since I can  always  hopefully still get  MeTV on Comcast  and  Anntenna TV  ( with an antenna over the air and switch off  Comcast signal when to watch it locally) but it is the principle.   TV Land is a  Basic commerical   cable network that has been on the air for 24 years  with  only classic shows  no real  current orginal programming owned by Viacom - a former cable company.  How can they be asking more  money to have Comcast broadcast repeats  and same programs  offered by over the air channels or other  cable networks? 


Before everyone was greedy  all commerical channels  were part one basic package  ( sports, news,  variety  and  special interest)   non commerical pay channels like movie  channels  were an extra fee and  life was simple  customers happy.   I was told Peacock ( owned by Comcast) has many of the same program-  just be careful  not everything on Peacock is free and the signal quality is bad even with  Comcasts most powerful Blast package - no other internet issues.   So to all of you valued  customers out there   Be careful your   favorite channel today in your area may be gone tomorrow.


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