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Wed, Jul 21, 2021 1:36 AM

can't access hbomax or disneyplus without a new box

If I try and access HBOmax or Disneyplus, I get a message saying that I can get a better viewing experience with a new box at no charge. Then it prompts me to click ok or ask me later. If I do ask me later, it returns to the original screen and I still can't access the channels. I don't want a new box since I'm moving soon but I haven't been able to access either through xfinity. I can access it on my other Roku tv, but not the one I want it on.



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2 m ago

Hello, @user_f1b28f. Thank you for reaching out about the HBO Max and Disney+ apps. You would need a compatible cable box to enjoy the apps using our X1 service. You can view the model of the cable box in your home using the Xfinity My Account app. You click on the video tab and then the picture of the cable box.


These cable boxes are not compatible with the apps:

RNG150, including the following models:



SMRNG150BNMD - Samsung RNG150N-M

SRRNG150N/CCO - Samsung RNG150N-C

Pace Xi3

Model PX031ANI

Samsung XG2v2

Models SX022ANC and SX022ANM

Arris XG1v1

Models MX011ANC and MX011ANM

Pace XG1v1

Models PX001ANC and PX001ANM


I know you stated you are moving soon and not wanting to change out the box at this time. We can help you swap your box out and set up your move when it is time. 

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