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Saturday, March 18th, 2023 6:43 AM


Cannot access HBO Max account

 So this is kind of long..when HBO Max first became available through Xfinity subscribers were able to set up an account through a separate email (not tied to your Xfinity account. That’s just how we did it. My daughter created the account several years ago through her personal email which I had no problem with and everything was fine until..suddenly you could only login under the primary account owner’s credentials. So she changed the info and it still didn't work. After talking with an Xfinity employee (through the chat a month or so ago) who then had another Xfinity employee contact her by phone she was told that my primary email which is a hotmail could not be the used email and it had to be the Comcast email linked to my Xfinity account. This was an hour long phone call where apparently everything was reset on their end and fixed. Sounds simple enough..wrong. 
 Still when trying to sign in under my primary Xfinity credentials it says I am a secondary user and I need to sign out and sign in as the primary. I added her as a manager on our Xfinity account and had her create a secondary account in hopes that would help because her email was once the main one linked to the HBO Max account but that is also still saying she is a secondary user. 
This has been an extremely frustrating experience and has been a problem for months now. It seems from looking through related questions that many others have experienced similar issues over the last few years. 
 I do not know how to resolve this. I don’t know what primary account is being “seen” every time I try to sign in to HBO Max through Xfinity considering I’m signing in through my Comcast email and I’m the primary account holder. It is extremely difficult to get anyone on the phone and has been a battle to get this issue resolved. 
 I’d really appreciate any guidance as to what to do here because I am clueless as to the next steps on obtaining access again to my HBO MAX account. 

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11 months ago

Hi @Lala8, thank you for reaching out to our Xfinity Community for support via Forums. We truly appreciate you for bringing this Xfinity user role/Hbo Max account issue to our attention so that we may not only find a solution for you but others experiencing the same issues. Have you tried to make any changes to your user roles via the Xfinity app or online account? Also, before you attempt to sign in, have you tried clearing your internet browser's chance and cookies and then reattempting to access HBO Max? 

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