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Saturday, November 5th, 2022 1:37 PM


Bring Back Kendra Kemberly

Bring back the free Kendra Kemberly exercise programs. Bring back the free fitness programs. Stop referring us to YouTube or asking us to pay more money for subscriptions. I won't be paying more for subscriptions. I have used Kendra Kemberly for years. I am not 50 but I have health issues. I have used her fitness recordings that use to be free since I was in my 30's. My strength has declined since not being able to have this feature. I never hurt myself with Kendra Kemberly. She was a safe and effective fitness coach. I don't believe the free fitness channel was costly. Xfinity saw that it was being used and decided to try to make more profits by removing the free fitness and thinking to force us to pay more for the subscriptions instead. Xfinity this is just wrong. Please give some concern back to your customers. Give us back the free fitness programs including Kendra Kemberly.


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7 months ago

Hello and thanks for taking the time to reach out to us on our Forums page. We appreciate you being a loyal and long-time customer with us, and we certainly understand your concerns as well. We're no longer carrying this content and at this time, I am not showing it will be coming back on our X1 platform. Much of this content is available to customers elsewhere, and similar content continues to be available on Xfinity platforms. You can check out the Youtube app right from your Xfinity X1 box and search for Kendra Kimberly videos, or many other options that are available to you. You can also view a wide range of fitness-related content by saying “fitness” into your Voice Remote. 


I will absolutely be getting your feedback passed along as well. Thank you! 



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6 months ago

Totally agree.  The Youtube sites are NOT the same as what was previously offered.  

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