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Fri, Nov 29, 2019 7:00 PM

BBC America HD

Back when I lived in Michigan about a year ago, Comcast carried BBC America in HD.  When I moved down here to Tennessee, it was to a non Comcast serviceable area.  I had DirecTV that also had BBC America in HD.  I've recently moved to a serviceable area and reinstalled Comcast.   The problem is that BBC America is not available in HD, so I'm limited to the Go version on the website, but since the TV apps don't carry the go stations, I have to use the BBC America app to actually get it in HD.

Anyway, I'm not sure if its a lack of bandwidth (they have enough here to at least give me 200 Mbps internet, though), or just lack of interest since this is the bible belt, but I was wondering if its possible for a Comcast rep here to check. I'm pretty sure the phone reps don't know any specific details about local lineup changes from what I recall working as one.

I noticed a similar thread from 2017 about this issue where a link was provided to request a channel, but that link is now just informative and provides no way to actually make a request.  Is there currently a way to do so?

I'm glad I have decent internet, though.  AT&T was 25 MBps max where I was and only 5 here if I had gotten it, plus I had to deal with AT&T's website and AT&T themselves.  No one should have to deal with AT&T.  I used to think people exaggerated their problems with them until I actually had to deal with them myself.

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