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Wed, Jul 29, 2020 12:00 PM

Bad Fox News signal.

Don't tell me to tighten my connectors, please.


Fox news is slightly scrambled, sometimes so badly its impossible to watch.  It looks like there is just not enough information in the signal.


I don't know how this could be a problem with just me.


It happens ONLY on fox news, on TWO different channels, 741 and 1110


The box says the signal strength is about 95% on all channels.


I don't know how a bad connection between my box and the telephone pole could cause signal problems on two different channels with the same tv network. The problem has to be somwhere upstream.


I'm honestly looking into Fios right now because this has been going on for months and I'm already wired for it.




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10 m ago

Same thing is happening to me. Other channels ok.



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22 d ago

I'm having the same problem.  Other channels working fine.  Right now it's just a pixelated picture and the audio is fine. 

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