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Tue, Aug 31, 2021 9:39 AM

Are we getting this channel

I am in Atlanta Georgia and I was wondering if we're going to get a certain channel rewind TV we do not have an affiliate it here and it is free over the digital error but I don't know if we're gonna get it I really would like to have it it is free so there's no payment for it and we just don't have an affiliate can you let us know or let me know I wouldn't really appreciate it I'm very sad Thank you


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2 m ago

Unless you already get the "parent station" of a station carrying Rewind - and since you say you live in Atlanta, chances are that you won't at first - then don't expect to be able to get it. Comcast usually only adds subchannels (like Rewind TV and Buzzr) of stations that it already carries in your area.

Your best chance is to send emails to the broadcast stations that you already get - I am guessing WSB, WAGA, WXIA, WPXA, WPCH, WATL, WGCL, and WUPA - and ask them if (a) they are getting Rewind in the near future, and (b) they are planning to allow Comcast to air it.

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