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Thu, Dec 5, 2019 3:00 PM

Altitude Sports

I've been a Comcast customer for 15 years, but I just contacted Direct TV and in the process of cancelling all of my Comcast accounts.  The reason I'm cancelling is Comcast's refusal to offer Altitude Sports.  One of the reasons I have cable is to watch the Avs and Nuggets and I can't belive Comcast is refusing to offer this network to its customers.  This is another example why cable monopolies should not be allowed. 


Comcast's argument seems to be that all of its customers should not have to pay for a channel for a smaller group of its customers.  This is disengenous as I am forced to pay for multiple channels I don't watch,  and don't want,  as part of my cable package and I am not given the option to only purchase the channels I want. 


I also think Comcast owes me money back for the regional sports fee I  have been charged for Altitude. although I am sure Comcast believes the $1.25 in reimbursement is reasonable.  I don't like satellite, but I will save over $100/mo. in cable bills.  Its a shame that Comcast doensn't acknowledge the importance that local sports teams have to its communities and is more interested in gouging its customers and lining its own pockets.  

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2 y ago

This is another example why cable monopolies should not be allowed
You understand that if Comcast were a monopoly, you wouldn’t have the option to switch to another provider, in your case directv

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