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Tue, Dec 29, 2020 1:00 AM

All Channels Work Except Basic Cable



I had an old box, exchanged for a new box, and the same issue is happening. We have all channels except basic cable, 702, 706, 708, 713.  We live in a condo with basic cable provided, so this is even more strange.  No other channels are affected.  We've confirmed all wires are connected and in good shape, reset the system on our end and Comcast's end multiple times, and the channels actually came back yesterday (just in time for football). We woke up this morning, and they don't work again.  System error reads XRE 03059. Any ideas?


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5 m ago

Hi, Warren7777777. Thanks for posting and thank you for checking everything you could to try and correct the problem. It sounds like you might need a technician to come out at this point, it might be a signal issue. Are you open to that?

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