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Wed, Jan 22, 2020 2:00 PM


Why did you take off ABC27--that is our local news, Harrisburg area.  PLEASE put it back on!!

You charge an arm and a leg for cable, so why take off a local station that we enjoyed watching!

While I'm on here, why don't you offer a lower price package for Seniors?  They don't need all the channels you offer, speaking for my mom of course.  She just got her bill lowered by $10.00 and now ABC27 is off and her bill went back up $10.00 .  SHE IS NOT HAPPY!!! WEll neither are we!!!!


How about some lower prices, especially for the SENIORS!  

NOT too Happy about losing ABC27!!!  

That is all for now.



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1 y ago

What area are you located in? We still have the station (WHTM) on the York system (17401), SD=ch#6, HD=ch#807 and #1027. What do you see on the screen when you tune to the station?

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