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Xfinity Is breaking the Mobile Contract With increasing the Mobile line from $15 to $20.


I just bought the Iphone 15 pro with some credit. The contract says I have to continue with one line which is for $15 for next two year.  There is some technical issue in restarting my Internet account so they created my new account without telling me. As you no they  charge $25 fine if you don't have internet services. Now my both mobile and Xfinity internet is in different account. They told me that they will  merge it with the same credit so I should not get $25 fine, but they increase my mobile line prices. Which is not legal as I have sign the contract of two year with $15 line. Customer care is not supporting and saying I have to $20 as there is increase in the service charge.

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Hey user_sf2ddt, thanks for reaching out to Xfinity Support on our forums. Xfinity Mobile doesn't have term contracts and you may be referring to the internet promotion. Our website here walks you through checking the agreements. I can also take a look to see what is going on with the billing if you can send us a direct message.

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So what contract did I signed when I buy my mobile phone which say I have to continue your service for next two years. I don't have access to my previous account as you guys have deleted it. 


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user_sf2ddt to answer your question with specifics, we would need to obtain additional information from you privately. Are you able to send a direct message to us using the steps Nicolas listed above?

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