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Mon, Feb 1, 2021 3:00 PM

We're PAYING for this kind of customer service?

I want to provide you with an example of what we (your paying customers) are having to deal with from your FINE customer service staff.

I was on CHAT, trying to get information about your upcoming NEGATIVE OPTION paperless billing.  And in case you don't know what I mean by NEGATIVE OPTION - LOOK IT UP - There are dozens of examples to be found in class action lawsuits over the years.  I'm not doing paperless billing, so if you turn off my paper statements, you're not getting paid.

In January, I complained when my statement failed to arrive with about 5 days to go before it was due.  I was assured by Xfinity on 1/20/2021 that my account would continue to be billed on a monthly statement - NOT PAPERLESS - and I received/AND PAID my January bill from my statement that was rushed out to me.

TODAY, I get an email from Xfinity, reminding me that my next (February) bill will be paperless.  BIG MISTAKE!!!!!

In trying to get clarification via CHAT as to why I received this email, when I had previously been assured that my account would remain on a paper billing status, it became PAINFULLY clear that the person on the other end of the CHAT was barely literate in English!   Is this what you call customer service? 


"I am really sorry for the previous bill regarding .i am sorry to let you know taht due to some lockdown issue and less manpower the paper bill was delay and did not delivered to customer .Please , do not worry , i would let you know that , i 'll updated the notes on your account .regarding bill .So be assured , your bill would be reach out at your billing address"


"I apologies .I\ .I am really sorry for my misunderstanding would let you know that , due to pandemic issue that issue faced by customer"


Pathetic!!  You won't be getting any JDPower awards for customer service if I have anything to say about it, I can assure you of that.


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2 m ago

After chatting with a representative on 2/1/21, and being assured that my account had been returned to paper billing, I got another notice (this time by mail - undated/no postmark date) - received 2/19/21 reminding me that my account was on paperless billing for February and that I could change it back to paper starting 2/16 (ironically).  So, on 2/20/21, I started another chat session and was told that my account had been switched to paperless on 2/8/21.  This was not changed by me - this was changed by Comcast, despite my efforts to get it back onto paper.  I had to go into my account and turn it off myself.  I then insisted that they send me my February bill on paper.  I was told it had been sent out on paper on 2/13/21, but as of today, I still don't have that statement.

So, I guess we'll see what happens next.  If I get that statement, they'll get paid.  If not, I guess I'll get a nasty past-due notice sometime in March, but it is clear that Comcast is manipulating our account preferences, despite what they claim - and despite the promises made to switch me back on two separate occasions.  They are attempting to force us onto their EcoBill Paperless billing, whether we want it or not.

I wish I had an alternative "exit" plan available to me, but unfortunately, Comcast is the only option for high-speed internet where I live, so they have me over a barrel.  If I had another option, I'd have been gone from Comcast a LONG time ago.



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2 m ago

Hello @garybmccall and thank you for reaching our Comcast Digital Care Team via our Forum. Reading your message about the issue with paper bill and paperless bill would frustrate me if I was in your shoes and this is never something we want for you to deal with. Please send us a private message so we can investigate your account and make sure to properly resolve your bill statement. You can send us a private message by clicking on my name "ComcastPeterH" and send me a message. Please include your full name along with your complete address. We appreciate your extreme patience and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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