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Sun, Dec 13, 2020 4:00 AM

Trying my best

I tried to get just one more extension today on my account since I have been directly effected and dislocated from work due to the pandemic. I have applied for unemployment but my state is behind and is taking awhile to process my claim. I received a job offer and am now just waiting on my background check to clear so I can get back to work. Up until I lost my job I did make my payments whether it be in one payment or paid timely on my arrangements. I was last able to pay a portion of my arrangement on Nov 11. My service has not been shut off since I became a customer. I tried to get another extension just for a little bit so that I can hopefully start work or receive my unemployment and all they were able to do was require half of my past due balance to get 10 more days of service. I live in an area that does not have hot spots I need my service to file UE claims and receive calls regarding my hopefully future employment. I hope I am able to make the payment today. This year has been tremendously hard on everyone around the world, and I hope 2021 provides some relief.


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Apologies for the issue and the experience that you described above. Your account is showing as not eligible for a payment arrangement.


We recognize some of our customers' ability to pay their Xfinity bills may be impacted by the evolving situation in our country. Although late fees will be assessed, our agents can waive late fees by applying a credit when requested. We will not disconnect or suspend a customer’s Xfinity Internet or Voice service for non-payment during this crucial period; however, customers may see changes to their packages and levels of service.


As a courtesy, I have credited back any late charges and reactivation fees incurred over the past months plus an additional credit for your loyalty. I hope that helps in making the overall balance due by 12/27/2020 more manageable. 


Those credits will post overnight and will be available to view in My Account. 


Thanks for your patience and hang in there.

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