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Fri, Dec 4, 2020 9:00 PM

Regional sports fee

I know I’m stuck paying this fee when I don’t watch sports. With that said it’s got it at $31.79. There’s no way it jumped from under $9 to $32. I canceled my phone and the person canceled half my channels so I had to call and wait on hold to fix that. Now I got this $32 charge as a sports fee.


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Apologies. For our customers in the Chicago area, the regional sports network fee did go up. 

Marquee Sports Network was recently added in you area. 


Some background here:


 Excerpted from that article "Analysts estimate Marquee is seeking a monthly per-subscriber fee of $6 per month from distributors."


As a courtesy, we have gone ahead and credited your account for any late fees and data overage charges that may have been incurred. I hope that helps. 


What is the Regional Sports Network Fee​?
The Regional Sports Network Fee is an itemized charge on your bill based on our costs of providing the regional sports networks we carry on our cable systems in each area. These costs include the fees regional sports networks charge us to carry them on our cable systems, fees are among the fastest growing components of our programming costs. The Regional Sports Network Fee is not a government-imposed or mandated fee and increase from time to time.

Is this fee the same everywhere?
No. The amount of these fees can vary by location. The Regional Sports Network Fee is based on our costs of providing regional sports programming in each area.

Can I get credited for the Regional Sports Network Fee on my bill since live sports haven’t been available?
Yes, we’ve been working with the regional sports networks to secure refunds for the sports network costs wherever possible. If a regional sports network in your area refunds us and you paid the fee during the relevant time period, then we’ll pass 100% of what we receive onto you as a courtesy adjustment on your bill. We'll notify you if you’re eligible for a refund for games that weren't played between April and June. We’ll also continue to advocate for more refunds throughout the rest of the year.

Who is eligible for a credit adjustment on their bill?
You may be eligible if you're in a market where the regional sports network costs are refunded to Xfinity.

I don't want the Marquee Sports Network in my home. Can you remove it from my service?
While we can’t remove it from your service, you can block this or any other channel you don't want to see by using Parental Controls.

I don’t want the Marquee Sports Network because it’s going to increase my bill. Why do I have to pay more monthly even if I don’t watch it? 
Our digital channel lineups include a variety of programming that appeals broadly to our customers' interests, including general entertainment, news and sports programming. Under the current distribution model, we offer these very popular regional sports networks on our most widely distributed levels of service. Accordingly, all customers receiving the bundle of channels that includes regional sports networks pay the associated Regional Sports Network Fee     


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6 m ago

Hi there! I'd be glad to ensure that this gets looked into further. Please click on my handle (ComcastRob) and send a private message with your name, the complete service address (including city, state, ZIP, suite number, etc), and the phone or account number, and any pertinent details-- like the ticket number(s)-- so we can help. 

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