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Wed, Aug 4, 2021 2:55 AM

Payment help

I am a 2nd generation Xfinity customer and have been for quite some time, during this pandemic I have been struggling tho and need help setting up a payment arrangement to somehow get my internet back on ASAP I only have like $100 to work with today and can get more money this month sometime just not sure if it will be by the 12th which is the date they are asking for so if you can help me please that would be much appreciated. Let me know, thank you.


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2 m ago

Hello @DaddyDurnil thank you so much for contacting our Xfinity Support Team via our awesome Xfinity Forums. We truly appreciate your business and we understand things have been tough for everyone over the last year. You came to the right place and we would love to see how we can help. To get started please select the "peer to peer chat" icon (upper right corner of this page), click the "new message" icon, type/select "Xfinity Support", and then type/send your name with your address.

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