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Intentionally terrible website

Everytime I have family in town we exceed the data. Ok fine, I pay it no problem. 

Something I've noticed I can never get into the part of the bill that allows me to actually see why I'm being charged so much and how much actual data we're using. Even when I get a notice that I'm at 90% of my plan usage, I can never actually see the usage. When I go over, I can never actually see the bill after the fact. 

This has to be intentional. In the one year I've been with your service, I can get on the entire website, I can pay the bill, I can order more mess, I can change my plan (not really because I the max plan) but I can't see my usage. It hasn't worked one single time in over a year. Why is that? 

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Thanks for reaching out to us as a customer myself with two that are big time online Xbox gamers and use a lot of streaming devices so monitoring their data usage is a must for me! Via our awesome Xfinity app. https://www.xfinity.com/app you can view your data & by creating parental controls you can link the devices to a names it won't show you what they are doing online or exactly how much data that device is using but it will show how much activity they have online


as far as your billing you can view your detailed bill via the Xfinity streaming app by clicking on detailed bill then you can go view the PDF file of the bill which will break down each charges on your bill



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