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I was told I was receiving a "customer loyalty discount" but instead my service was changed

I've been a customer for over 15 years.  I've had basically the same cable and internet service for the past 6-7 years.  The prices go up and down sometimes and I understand that.  I realize promotions expire and new ones become available.  Recently the ACP ended which increased my bill from $182 to $212.  I knew this was coming due to many e-mails and notices.  After my X-1 box quit working back on 4/22/24, I was told my bill was going up another $50 over 2 months because 2 promotions ($30 and $20) were ending.  Now my bill is $264. 

On 6/1/24 initially via webchat and then via a follow up call tried to find a way to get a lower price on my bill.  Maybe new promotions were available I thought.  Every customer service person says "this is what is available now but there could be something new in the future."  I was offered a price of $237 by removing some services because there were not any new promotions available.  I chose not to do this.  I asked that a supervisor call me and discuss my situation.  Later on 6/1/24 I spoke with a rep that said my new bill would be $208 because she was applying a customer loyalty discount.  I repeatedly asked and was assured that all of my services would remain the same.  I did agree on the confirmation text that said the new bill would be $208 on the basis that none of my services were changing as stated by the customer service rep.  On 6/2/24 I found out that my services were indeed changed and there was no customer loyalty discount.  The rep had changed my internet speed from gig+ (1200mbps) to connect (150mbps) to reduce my bill from $264 down to $208. 

I've spent at least 6 hours web-chatting or on the phone with customer service over the past 2 days to be misled by a customer service rep.  My understanding is that "bait and switch" practices are often illegal and it's hard for me to feel like this is anything else but "bait and switch."

Maybe someone can offer up some suggestions on how I should move forward.  Thanks

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@user_sk6eg5 thanks for your post and for sharing your experience with our team. We would never want you to feel like you have been "bated and switched" this is why we send out a customer approval for you to review and ask any questions about before any changes are made on your account. That way everything is upfront and honest. That being said our digital team is happy to review your account and make sure everything is fitting your needs. Feel free to send us your full name and address in a direct message:

(Full credit to @BruceW for this excellent explanation!) 

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