Tuesday, May 28th, 2024 12:39 AM

double billed

I too was double billed. I signed up in March 2023 and then decided to cancel the next day, and I have the cancellation email. 

We decided to sign up a few days later. 

However, on the first set up that was cancelled my credit card was billed for 13 month @ $30/month, and the account went into a collection status.

The total with taxes is $394.50, and i have the text showing the amount of the credit.

I have called in 4 times and on the phone an hour or more each time. 

I was told I am getting the credit, and then the customer service rep credited the charges, and no credit was issued to my Discover credit card. 

My email is [Edited: "Personal Information"]. 

Please assist, for I cannot even get into my account.


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18 days ago

@user_41kx1b hello and thanks for reaching out for help with your billing on these accounts. Ok just to make sure I am on the same page you started an account, then closed it then reopened it but the first account you are still being charged for even after you canceled it, correct? 

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