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Fri, Dec 18, 2020 7:00 AM

Cubs channel

Is this regional sports fee for the Chicago Cubs new channel? If yes I do not want it!!!!!!!!!



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Some additional info below and at the link. 


Our customers that don't have video services from us are not subject to a regional sports network fee.


 Regional Sports Network Fee
The Regional Sports Network Fee is an itemized charge that you'll see on your bill. This charge is not a government-mandated fee and will increase from time to time. It's based on our costs of providing the regional sports networks that we carry on our cable systems in each area. These costs include the fees that regional sports networks charge us to carry them on our cable systems, which are among our largest increasing costs. The Regional Sports Network Fee is not included in our promotional pricing or pricing under your minimum-term agreement and can increase during your promotion or minimum-term. You'll receive advance notice before an increase takes effect.

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