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Sat, Dec 5, 2020 5:00 PM

Change in offering a payment extension

We have been with Comcast for at least 6 years and yes there were times we needed payment arrangements and they never told us no. They use to call w an automatic dailer and allow you to set up a payment process date.
I haven’t gotten a call like that in a while. We were current during the beginning of COVID and didn’t fall behind to request an extension until November and now they can’t do anything! They claim they are here to support but you can’t even wait on the customers that were with you before Covid???
It’s been a hard year and everyone is now so dependent on internet for school and that’s when they change their procedures and are quick to disconnect long time customers.


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6 m ago



Apologies for the issue and the experience that you described above. Your account is showing as not eligible for a payment arrangement.


As a courtesy, I have credited back any late charges and reactivation fees incurred over the recent  months plus an additional credit for your loyalty.


I hope that helps in making the overall balance due by 12/16/2020 more manageable. 


Those credits will post overnight and will be available to view in My Account. 


Thanks for your patience and hang in there.


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