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Sun, Jan 3, 2021 4:00 PM

A movie bought by my kid, need refunded

One morning my son grabbed the remote and apparently purchased a movie and I didn't know until today seeing that it's due on next bill. We haven't watched it and it costed $14.99 for the invisible man. Is there anyway to unbuy it? Why does it not have an option for parental control or special approval settings because I know this happens in homes often. What can I do?


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6 m ago

@LexiiAndjoey  Apologies for the issue and the experience that you described above. 


As a courtesy, we have gone ahead and credited your account for the referenced On Demand purchase and also for any recent late fees incurred. 


Those credits will appear on your next cable statement and also can be seen via My Account. 


Thanks for your patience.   

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