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Thu, Oct 10, 2019 6:00 AM

new screensaver feature is unreasonable

We need the ability to disable the screensaver.


There are reasons to leave the TV on without periodic intervention, including:


- for those who are unable to easily and regularly interact with the TV;

- for those with pets as the noise helps to keep them calm and distract them with storms and/or traffic. 


This became an issue a few days ago when the X1 television service from xfinity stopped working as it had previously.  As we have not received notice of a system or terms of service change it is unclear what has led to this issue but apparently there was a system change automatically installed by Comcast. Now, the screensaver comes on, thereby disabling the television service, unless a person who can easily interact with the remote control is monitoring the TV and responds to Comcast's on-screen dialogue demands.


When signing up for this service we were never told that Comcast's television service required manual intervention. Similarly, we have never seen or heard this limitation promoted in any Comcast / Xfinity advertisements.


Requiring ongoing human intervention to watch a paid-for service seems unreasonable.


And so we are (1) requesting a means to disable the screensaver, a reasonable accommodation. We are also (2) requesting Comcast to please indicate where we can get more information about this requirement limiting use of Xfinity's television service to those with ongoing, able human intervention.


We are need of, and have been paying for, access to a service that does not limit its use in such a fashion.



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