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xfi advanced security blocks safe sites


xfi advanced security blocks safe sites

I recently turned on xfi advanced security and now turned it off because it blocks perfectly safe sites like my local newspaper's site. It uses, which when you Google it, is classified as more like a virus with people given instructions with how to remove it when it contaminates their systems. It offers you a "Proceed anyway" link, which is totally useless. There is no option to whitelist sites. 


This is just horrible. It took me three hours of research and chat with my virus company to figure out what the problem even was. I was just about to reset Chrome to the factory settings, which would have been a nightmare to bring back to my current settings. I finally found a reference to Comcast being the problem. Oddly, it didn't affect Microsoft Edge, which if the site had been actually dangerous, would have allowed it to corrupt my computer when I simply opened it on a different browser. 


So my conclusion is that the "Advanced Security" is not ready for prime time. Don't use or if you do, don't rely on it to keep you safe. It won't and it will probably irritate you to death at some point by blocking safe sites you need.