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xFi no internet access: Harvester code and inconsistent access to under bridge mode

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xFi no internet access: Harvester code and inconsistent access to under bridge mode

Does anyone know what exactly those "[Harvester][3xxx]" code mean? The follwing are logged as "troubleshooting logs" on the Xfinity modem in my apartment, and the timetag matches exactly when I lose internet access. I use the xFi modem in bridge mode and I download the logs through a local ip: I searched around and did not find a definite answer, nor a proper documetnation.


[Harvester][3794]: Harvester StartRadioTrafficHarvesting Starting Thread to start RadioTraffic Data Harvesting
2021/2/10 15:48:49 Notice

[Harvester][3794]: Harvester StartAssociatedDeviceHarvesting : Started Thread to start DeviceData Harvesting
2021/2/10 15:48:49 Notice


There are other code enclosed in the second bracket, like [3827], [3880] and [3796] from the log downloaded from the current modem. From a previous modem, I was logging identical "Harvester" events with a different set of code: [3650], [3648], [3649], [3650] ......


Two things bugged me given the current pandemic situation: 1. that the technical support person refused to interprate those error messages, and 2. the tech support person insist that there is nothing wrong with the current modem. I was told someone shall come on-site to troubleshoot. Personally, I doubt if it shall worth the risk and wonder if anyone can help interprate those error logs.


And, a bit more evidence on the current (maybe faulty) modem:

I replaced the modem on Jan 16 at a local Xfinity store. According to the logs, the first internet outage should have taken place the next day. To add to the frastraction, the xFi modem is not always accessible at when the outage happens, I cannot reach the local IP of the modem. Minutes after the outage, I was able to log in as "admin" with passwords I changed back on Jan 16. Moments later, I can no longer log in as "admin" with the same password. The page shall complain about "wrong password" 🙂 Using the default "password" as the password also does not log me into the xFi modem. I personally take these as a sign of a faulty modem.