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ssh connection issues after upgrading to blast speed

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ssh connection issues after upgrading to blast speed

 I upgraded my plan to the blast speed two days ago and since then i have had issues with ssh.


Either I cannot connect with the error "Connection reset by <IP> port 22" or if I can connect the I get this error message "client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe" shortly after.


I have been able to ssh to these machines for many months and just started experiencing problems 2 days ago when we upgraded to a faster speed. My roomate has the same issue logging into a different server which tells me the problem is not with the servers we are connecting to, or our hardware or our ssh settings. All of which we have looked into because xfinity insists it is not their issue. 


After reading another post on this forum with a similar issue ( I disabled the Advanced xFi security setting and still am having the same issue. 


Would be grateful for any help!!